Bible beyond the limits – pilot project 90

The basic condition that enables one to understand a biblical text is its translation into the native language. The native language of the Deaf people in the Czech Republic is the Czech Sign Language. The Czech language is a foreign language. Deaf can not use Bible in Czech language. There are no regular Mass celebrations for the Deaf, nor are there materials for their pastoral care, ethics or religion education.

By publishing this Bible a specific group of readers will extend its general knowledge (basis of ethics and European culture). It will also give them insight into basic content line of the Holy Writ and into the basic offer of Christianity itself with a possibility of improving quality of their life. The Bible can serve not only to the target group itself but also to pastors, teachers of religion and ethics and teachers of civics in special schools and in social and charity work with target group. The project is designed for Deaf = persons with a practical deafness – qualified estimation states 9000 users of Czech Sign Language, but also for interpreters, teachers, priests, social workers. It connects the world of Deaf (believers and non-believers) – as a language and culture minority – and the world of Hearing. Everyone is working together and everyone is mutually enriched by different perception and thinking. On the project are working: theologists, linguists, social worker, interpreters into Czech sign language, Deaf native speakers, Deaf programmer, Deaf graphic designers, Deaf cameraman.

It is historical first translation of biblical texts into Czech Sign Language and probably it is first translation at University area in the world.